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Kathy Osborne

Kathy has been practising yoga for over 20 years- a path which has culminated in self acceptance and compassion - qualities that fit right into the Mindsprings ethos.

She started teaching yoga in 2006 after training in California at the Chopra Centre and has taught adult and children's classes since then. She taught at the Chopra Centre at their meditation retreat in Dublin alongside Deepak Chopra, devising training programmes based on yoga and meditation for corporate clients. As part of the Jamyang Buddhist Centre's 'giving back' scheme, Kathy has also taken yoga and mindfulness into schools around London and is part of a current research team working with Harvard and Roehampton University to measure the effect of mindful yoga on anxiety.

Kathy also uses mindful yoga in its many forms as a tool to enable people to manage depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. This is a very exciting innovation and we're delighted that we can start to work in this area - with innovative techniques that combine bodily and mental mindfulness.

Kathy is currently completing a Masters degree in Integrative Psychotherapy which informs her practice, her classes and her way of approaching each individual she works with. She has also been working as a yoga therapist with the Special Yoga Centre in Kensal Green since last year, a wonderful space with long links to Mindsprings.