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Taming the Wild Mind, Dealing with Stress and Anxiety - with Lama Zangmo

Flags front entranceMeditation and mindfulness, practised regularly over time, have strong potential to make one's general state of mind more positive: increasingly we can become free of habitual reactivity, unhelpful emotional patterns, and limited ways of seeing ourselves and others. With a more open and relaxed mind we will have less stress resulting from our living situation, and less tendency to be thrown by the ups-and-downs that life presents. A regular meditation practice can bring a greater sense of inner peace and calm an overactive mind.

This course is especially suited for those who would like to be introduced to the basics of meditation, and those who wish to be reminded how to  attain long term stability.

3rd July, 2021

10th July, 2021

17th July, 2021

24th July, 2021