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Nagarjuna's Letter to a Friend - with Lama Zangmo

Nagarjuna Samye Ling reducedThe great Indian Buddhist master Nagarjuna wrote his celebrated text Letter to a Friend as a gift of advice to a South Indian king, and it has since become a monument in the Indian shastra tradition. Despite its short length (123 verses), it covers the entire Mahayana path.

The instructions combine a practical approach to daily conduct for both the lay householder and the ordained, with an explanation of the different stages leading to enlightenment. It has been a source of scriptural authority for many of Tibet’s greatest scholars over time. 

It is an ideal guide to understand the Buddhist teachings and to apply the teachings to our lives with clarity and wisdom.

The course is suitable for anyone with a familiarity with Buddhism who wishes to study and learn more. It is not for total beginners.

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