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The Eight Verses of Mind Training - in-person and online



Teacher: Lama Gelongma Zangmo


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The Eight Verses for Training the Mind is a text which offers essential training for cultivating the mind on the Mahayana path. It was composed by the Buddhist Master Langri Tangpa. (1054-1123)

The function of mind training practice is the reorientation and transformation of our thoughts, attitudes, and habits.

Presently, we tend to cherish the welfare of ourselves at the expense of others. However, mind training teaches us to reverse this process, viewing others as friends, and recognizing that our true enemy lies inside of ourselves, not outside.

As we practice the lojong teachings in daily life, we train the mind to embrace a wholesome and compassionate attitude. We train to eliminate our competitive, selfish, and reactive tendencies, as well as our exaggerated self importance, and to understand that the greed, jealousy, anger, pride, selfishness, and attachment, which cause us so much suffering, are not inherent conditions of our mind. A handout of the text itself will be provided.

This course runs over four Saturday afternoons from 2.00 - 5.00 pm. We ask participants to attend all the sessions if booking for this course.

The course will be in-person and online.