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Sitting with the Body - Somatic Seated Practice - with Alistair Appleton


14 Mar 2020 to 15 Mar 2020
10:00am to 5:00pm

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Teacher: Alistair Appleton
Anyone is welcome to attend this event!


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Meditation practice usually conjures up images of people bolt-upright in full-lotus with beatific smiles. For many of us coming to meditation as beginners, it’s cramping legs, sore backs, busy minds, and needles-and-pins.

It’s a shame that sitting meditation comes with all these ideas of stillness and perfect poise, because properly inhabited, the sitting body can be a space of enormous joy and fascination. By following the steps of somatic practice – starting with full relaxation and connection to the warmth and support of the Earth – sitting practice is relaxed and open field. Rather than an blank zoned-out space, sitting is full of micro movements, flows of information-rich energy, a growing sense of expansiveness and curiosity about the raw stuff of life.

This weekend at the Spa Road Centre, Bermondsey, is building up this somatic form of sitting. It offers everyone who comes a vibrant and alive form of this simple practice of “just sitting”.

What this workshop on Sitting with the Body will cover:

  • basic understanding of how the body’s tension prevents happy meditation
  • somatic exercises for relaxing bodily tension and increasing awareness
  • simple ways to connect with the earth and bring the support of the ground into our posture
  • pain-free sitting and a strong, stable seated posture
  • how the posture can wake us up
  • working with distractions, thinking and other problems
  • resting in the wisdom of the soma
  • understanding ‘samatha’ and ‘vipashyna’ practices

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Please book your place on this course via the Mindsprings website.

This course on offer is not being offered by Kagyu Samye Dzong London but by the course leaders personally. Kagyu Samye Dzong London is not responsible for what takes place in the class and accepts no liability in respect thereof.