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Measuring Ones Progress in Mind Training - with Lama Zangmo a four week course from 7th Feb


Teacher: Lama Gelongma Zangmo


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We will look at some of the slogans from the 5th and 6th point of Geshe Chekawa's Mind Training teachings focusing on how to evaluate one's practice.

The slogans are meant to be contemplated and are especially dedicated to measuring progress by establishing if we are becoming more self-centred and if our habitual tendencies are becoming stronger or weaker. They help us to look at our mind more clearly and use whatever arises, whether pleasant or painful, as part of the path. We learn to turn around our self centred attitudes which isolate us.

Commitment and determination is an essential element in anything that requires time and effort, otherwise we give up. In Mind Training commitment relates to a determination to resist the seductions of our worldly, samsaric tendencies, and to respect and uphold the Bodhisattva training of working for the benefit of all beings.

These teachings focus on the Mind Training teachings of Geshe Chekawa, and we will look at how the slogans can guide our practice and increase our understanding of the way to train our mind. These slogans show us the unwholesome attitudes or inclinations that may interfere with our practice and show us what we should avoid doing

This course may be attended on its own or together with the following course in March. It is especially suitable for those familiar with the Mind Training teachings who wish to explore the slogans further, but is also suitable for those with basic familiarity with meditation, although not for complete beginners.

This is a weekly course taking place every Thursday evening for 4 weeks from 19.00 and 20.30 and it is a requirement to commit to attend all four classes. Unless you are able to attend all the classes, we ask you not to book for the course.


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Traditionally the Buddhist teachings are given freely because they are considered priceless and those receiving the teachings practice generosity, or Dana, by making monetary offerings for the centre. This generosity is not payment for goods or services rendered; it is an offering given, freely from the heart, in appreciation for receiving the precious instructions that can help better one’s life and the lives of others.

Making a donation directly helps to provide all the necessary conditions for the study and practice of meditation and Buddhism, bringing teachers to teach and maintaining a spiritual community as well as contributing to the considerable expenses that are involved in running a centre. We are grateful for your support and hope to continue to provide a space of peace and calm dedicated to promoting world peace and good health of body and mind.

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