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KSDL Fundraising event for Ukrainian refugees - in person only


9 Jul 2022
2:00pm to 5:00pm

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Can you join us at the Centre on Saturday 9 July 2022 from 2pm to 5pm?

Kagyu Samye Dzong London is fundraising to help Rokpa International through their offfice in Poland, assist refugees from Ukraine. Your participation on the day is everything!

The afternoon's event is a fundraiser in aid of Ukrainian refugees in Poland. All funds from the day will go to ROKPA Poland towards food, shelter and medical aid for the current influx of refugees from Ukraine. Click here to find out more about this critical work and why we support it!

Why come along (and bring friends and family too!)- check out the fun schedule below:

Part 1. An interactive talk with Charlie Morley  will explore how we can use breath-work, deep relaxation, chi gong and of course lucid dreaming to sleep better and rest deeper. Based on his new book Wake up to Sleep: 5 Powerful Practices to Transform Stress and Trauma for Peaceful Sleep and Mindful Dreams Charlie will introduce us to the five core practices of this holistic approach to stress or trauma affected sleep. This talk will also serve as a taster for the Wake Up to Sleep weekend workshop that he will be offering at Samye Dzong London (in person!) on 30-31st July.

Part 2. A Skills Auction or Auction of Promises - Our community, near and far, has come together to donate their time and expertise to raise funds. We have some exciting auction items, such as, 2 nights accommodation in Berlin, online training advise from experienced athletes, skills to learn such as TRE and the Alexander technique, lots of cooking classes and recipes on offer, live music sessions and training courses, a beautiful Thangka and other gifts as well as restful sessions of yoga, Qigong, massage, reflexology and so much more. Charlie and the KSDL team will lead the auction (expect lots of laughs and fun surprises). Winning bidders will then be able to arrange a day and time that suits them to receive their prize (or collect it on the day if its one of our fabulous donated gifts).

Part 3. Light Offering and Prayers for Ukraine with Lama Zangmo in our flower garden will close the event for the day.