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CANCELLED - Advice From a Yogi, with Lama Zangmo


14 Mar 2020
10:00am to 4:30pm

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Teacher: Lama Gelongma Zangmo


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Dear Friends,

As a spiritual community and a place of refuge we have a responsibility to do our best to protect the wellbeing and safety of our visiting guests, our teachers and
our residential community.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic we have been closely monitoring the developing situation and, being mindful of government recommendations and also the advice from our trustees, we have decided to close the centre after Sunday 22 March. The centre will remain closed throughout April and all activities including classes, teachings and regular group practice will be cancelled during this period.

We will continue to provide updates through our website and social media.

Here is a helpful link to the NHS advice page:

With best wishes for your health and happiness

Lama Zangmo.


This course will focus on the text called “Advice for the People of Dingri” by Padampa Sangye, an Indian yogi who is said to have travelled to Tibet on three occasions for his first, middle and final stay there.

Padampa Sangye spent most of his final visit to Tibet in the southern region of Dingri, near the border with Nepal. Before he passed away, the parting advice he gave his disciples was these One Hundred Verses of Advice, which cover all aspects of Dharma practice, from the beginning of the path to the result, but as this was his last advice it especially has a lot of emphasis on impermanence.

People of twelfth century Tibet were apparently just as prone to distraction, attachment and the busyness of worldly life as we are today, and Padampa Sangye's teachings are as relevant to contemporary practitioners as they were to his disciples.

Lama Zangmo will go through the text monthly over seven months, mostly on the third Saturday of each month, but please note the exact dates.

This is an ongoing course and is a wonderful opportunity for those wishing to engage deeply in the buddhist teachings. Participants will gain more understanding of the dharma, and will be given a regular daily meditation practice each month.

It is a requirement to commit to attend all the monthly classes to the very best of your ability. If you are unable to attend a class for a good reason, please contact the office in advance before booking.

A handout of the text itself will be provided.

This ongoing course is suitable for those who would like to deepen their practice and Buddhist understanding, and who have a basic familiarity with meditation.

Making Donations

Traditionally the Buddhist teachings are given freely because they are considered priceless and those receiving the teachings practice generosity, or Dana, by making monetary offerings for the centre. This generosity is not payment for goods or services rendered; it is an offering given, freely from the heart, in appreciation for receiving the precious instructions that can help better one’s life and the lives of others.

Making a donation directly helps to provide all the necessary conditions for the study and practice of meditation and Buddhism, bringing teachers to teach and maintaining a spiritual community as well as contributing to the considerable expenses that are involved in running a centre. We are grateful for your support and hope to continue to provide a space of peace and calm dedicated to promoting world peace and good health of body and mind.



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