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Parkour classes are helping pensioners stay agile and active

Posted on 14 Sep 2013

Parkour classes are helping pensioners stay agile and active















Forever Young is a FREE 10 week course for senior people that fuses dance, parkour and yoga for well-being and fitness. Its taught in a fun relaxed manner but encourages participants to challenge themselves if they are physically capable of a movement. The classes focus on play, exploration and creative movement with the aim to engage with the body and overcome obstacles.

The exercises are slow, broken down, gentle and gradual. The artists running the courses increase the level of movement with the confidence and movement repertoire of the participants. Classes are held indoors and outdoors.

See Guardian article about the course on link below..

Learning Outcomes...
• Participants build muscle and joint strength through gentle and gradual exercises
• Participants improve fitness, balance, motor skills, coordination, body and spacial awareness
• Participants recognise the capabilities of their body and improve memory
• Participants learn basic fundamentals of parkour, dance and yoga
• Participants build confidence and self-esteem through trusting in their bodies capabilities
• Participants create friendships with other like-minded people through social interaction
• Participants feel a sense of purpose and usefulness through engaging in group challenges and building strength
• Participants overcome mental and physical barriers
• Participants use own initiative to problem solve and decision make
• Participants gain personal insight and self-expression

WHEN? (starts 18th Sept 2013)
Wednesdays 10:30-12.00pm, followed by tea/coffee and biscuits. There is absolutely no charge for the class or the refreshments.

The course takes place at Kagyu Samye Dzong - London Tibetan Buddhist Centre, 15 Spa Rd, SE16 3SA.