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Newsletter November / December 2012

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 Newsletter November / December 2012


Kagyu Samye Dzong London



November / December




  1. Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley
  2. Volunteering at Kagyu Samye Dzong London
  3. And in the New Year..
  4. Forthcoming Events
Kagyu Samye Dzong aims to provide a place
of peace and tranquillity for all in central
London, with the shrine room available for
individuals to come and sit during the day.
full details of the Centre, including the programme of evening meditations and forthcoming events, visit the website.

News in Brief


Welcome to the November / December Newsletter.  As there’s not so much happening in December we’ve decided to make this a double issue, finishing off with a taster of what's coming in the New Year. To find out more, read on.

  • WINTER CLOSURE – Spa Road will be closing at 9.00 pm on Friday 14th December, while Manor Place will close at 5.30 pm on the 15th after the Four Ordinary Foundations course.  Both Centres will open again on Wednesday 9th January as usual.
  • GURU RINPOCHE DRUPCHO – you are invited to join the Samye Dzong Sangha for 5 days of intensive practice between Wednesday 21st and Sunday 25th November.  Come for however many (or few) sessions as you can. 
  • LAMA ZANGMO’S 60TH BIRTHDAY – many thanks to Peter Budd who has supplied us with more photos of the celebrations. You can remind yourself of what was a wonderful day it was on Flickr.
  • THE FOUR ORDINARY FOUNDATIONS - at Manor Place, Gelong Trinley will be talking about the second Ordinary Foundation, Impermancence on Saturday 17th November, and the third of the Four Ordinary Foundations, Karma: cause and effect, on the afternoon of the 15th December.
  • INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION - a new two week course has been added to the programme. Taking place on Thursdays 29th November and 6th December at Manor Place it will be lead by Gelong Trinley and runs from 7.00 - 8.30 pm each week.
  • NEW MINDFULNESS COURSE- Starting on the weekend of the 9/10th 2013 February, the Mindfulness Association will be running another course of their popular "Mindfulness" one year training. This is a comprehensive training suitable for both beginners and those who already have a mindfulness practice. Participants will be taught progressive skills in mindfulness through presentations, guided practice and smaller group sessions. 
  • COMING SOON – booking courses will soon become easier. Work is currently being done that will enable you to both book and pay for courses and events online. Watch this space!

       1 - Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley - 1st-2nd December

By using the best of both Tibetan Buddhist and Western dream-work techniques Charlie’s workshops offer a uniquely holistic approach to lucid dreaming and conscious sleeping with the aims of psychological growth and self discovery.

The workshops include an overview of the history, science and practice of lucid dreaming from both the Western psychological and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, teachings on “learning how to lucid dream” and instructions on how to engage the wider holistic benefits of lucid dreaming and conscious sleeping which these practices offer.

Lucid dreaming is an important precursory skill to the Tibetan tradition of Dream Yoga and these teachings offer a practical way to learn this incredibly beneficial skill.

The aims of all the workshops are not just about being aware within your dreams and tapping into the wellspring of wisdom that resides in the dreaming mind, but also about how to wake up to life and to live lucidly with joy and confidence! All ages and abilities are welcome!

Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley takes place at Spa Road on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December, from 10.00 - 4.00 pm, suggested contribution £55. To book your place now, contact the office on 020-3327 1650, or email us:

       2 - Volunteering at Kagyu Samye Dzong London

Volunteers are the life blood of Samye Dzong, without whom it simply couldn’t function. Volunteers come in many forms with many levels of commitment, from helping out at a Volunteer Day, a few hours a week, all the way through to full-time residential. Here are three examples which cover the range: 


The role of the Kitchen Manager would be to cook for up to 15 - 25 people or more as well as to prepare cakes and soup for our Tibetan Tea Room on Weekends. We would also need the Kitchen Manager to organise and clean the kitchen as well as to be in charge of ordering food and equipment. Previous experience is prefereable however if you feel you are suitable for the role then please feel free to contact us.

The position is unpaid however we do provide food and lodging. You would be living in our community of 20+ Buddhist practitioners and people who are interested in Buddhism. This position is ideally suited for someone who is interested in Buddhism/Meditation however this is not a must and we would welcome anyone.

This opportunity is also open to people who would like to cook for us from time to time.


We are very pleased with what Lama Rigzin and his team of artists have accomplished so far, and if you have been part of the team we cannot thank you enough for helping to create a magnificent shrine room.

As you are probably aware Lama's time in the UK is drawing to a close as he is leaving to go back to Nepal on the 26th of November. At present there is still a lot of work to be done. In light of this we would like to offer you a final opportunity to work with Lama Rigzin before he leaves. If you have helped before and would like to do some more lovely shamatha painting ("careful, careful, slowly, slowly" - one of Lama Rigzins favorite painting mantras) then please come along. If you are new and not an artist but have a steady hand, then we would still be happy for you to join.

We need a good last push with as many volunteers as possible so feel free to join in this virtuous, relaxing and mostly amusing venture. Please contact the office by email our by phone.


The role involves generating publicity and awareness of the centre by formulating and implementing a media strategy. This may involve contacting journalists, writing and distributing press releases and using social networks.

This role would be ideal for a media, marketing or journalism student already in their third or second year of study at university or college who wants to develop their skills in an inspirational and unique environment.

The role would require you to work in the center's office one day a week and commit to at least six months. Although the position is unpaid, you will be given a delicious lunch and as much tea as you need to keep your brilliant mind ticking over. So, if you are bright, enthusiastic and independent with a headbursting with ideas, then we'd love to hear from you!”

And finally, THE VOLUNTEER DAY.  We realise that many people are unable to commit regular time to help out at the Centre but who, nonetheless, may be able to help occasionally.  Well if you’re free on Saturday 12th January we are particularly looking for help to spruce up the Centre after the Winter closure. You will get a delicious vegetarian lunch, plenty of tea and coffee, to meet up with other volunteers and be an active part of the community for the day – not to mention some really good karmic brownie points!

If you would like to devote some of your time to any of these precious opportunities, then please contact our office on 0203 327 1650 or email us:

       3 - And in the New Year..

We’ve got plenty lined up for 2013, kicking off fairly quickly in January.

For those of you who have “learn to meditate” on your list of new year resolutions, we have two courses running in January – one at Manor Place and one at Spa Road, while for those who are wanting to get more meditation practice in, Trinley will be leading an afternoon of extended meditation practice at Manor Place on Saturday19th January.

For those who would like a regular weekly class on Buddhism, Lama Zangmo will be teaching about the Jewel Ornament of Liberation by Gampopa.  This text is said to capture the essence of the teachings of the Kagyu lineage, and you can find out all about thhis 3 months course on Thursday evenings from the 17th January.

As you can see, we have something for everyone, from learning to meditate, through to studying reknowned texts of Buddhist philosophy. To see the full programme, extending right through until July 2013, just have a look at the .

       4 - Forthcoming events

To see the full programme of activities at the Centre, please click here to visit the website

PLEASE NOTE - for courses run by Samye Dzong London, prices mentioned are suggested course donations only. A lack of funds should not prevent anybody from attending.


Selected verses from the Bodhicharyavatara
Thursday Every Week,
7.00-8.30 pm
Between 25 October & 15 November
Spa Road, Lama Gelongma Zangmo (Suggested Contribution: £25.00)

Lama will teach a weekly class on the six perfections, focusing on selected verses from the chapters on Meditative Concentration and Wisdom from Shantideva’s classic text, Bodhicharyavatara or The Bodhisattva’s way of life. Suitable for anyone wishing to learn more about Buddhism and meditation.

Presence and Dissociation
10 November & 11 November, 10.00 - 5.00 pm
Spa Road, Alistair Appleton (Suggested Contribution: £80.00, Concession: £55.00)

Being present in the world and not lost in a cloud of distraction and dissociation is the heart of mindfulness practice.
Marrying the powerful practices of Buddhist meditation with the insight and wisdom of the therapy tradition, Alistair Appleton is offering this weekend to develop our understanding of these two poles of existence: being present to life and being dissociated from it.

Meditation Afternoon in November
10 November,
2.15 - 6.00 pm
Manor Place, All Welcome

A chance to get together with fellow practitioners for an afternoon of short meditation sessions. Ideal for those who would like to sit more than they currently do.

The Four Ordinary Foundations - Part 2 - Impermanence and Death
17 November, 2,15 - 5.30 pm
Manor Place, Gelong Trinley (Suggested Contribution: £20.00)

This is the second of four afternoons, started in October and continuing in December and January, covering The Four Ordinary Foundations. Participants should try to come to all four afternoons. This second afternoon concentrates on the unavoidable realities of impermanence and death.

Guru Rinpoche Drubcho
Every Day
Between 21 November & 25 November, 9.30 - 4.30 pm
Spa Road, Kagyu Samye Dzong London Sangha

Join the KSDL Sangha for 5 days of intensive practice on Guru Rinpoche to overcome external & environmental obstacles and inner mental obstacles. The event is free but contributions towards the Tsok offerings of fruit, nuts, biscuits etc or donations are welcome.

Introduction to meditation
with Gelong Trinley
Thursday 29th November and Thursday 6th December, 7.00-8.30pm
Manor Place Centre (suggested donation: £20)

As the Buddha said, “I do not see one thing, O monks, that when developed and cultivated entails such great happiness as the mind. The mind when developed and cultivated entails great happiness.”
This is a 2 week introductory meditation course at Manor Place centre. The course will cover the basics of meditation and mindfulness. It would be perfect as a refresher course for a “rusty” meditator, or as a taster for someone who wishes to commence a new meditation practice, with a view to doing a longer course if necessary in the New Year.


Lucid Dreaming
1 - 2 December, 10.00 - 4.00 pm
Spa Road, Charlie Morley (Suggested Contribution: £55.00)
By using the best of both Tibetan Buddhist and Western dream-work techniques Charlie’s workshops offer a uniquely holistic approach to lucid dreaming and conscious sleeping with the aims of psychological growth and self discovery.

Compassion One Year Training Module Four: Embodying Compassion
8 - 9 December, 10.00 - 5.00 pm
Spa Road, Mindfulness Association Teachers (Suggested Contribution: £120.00)
In this module and we bring all the threads together from the previous three modules. We start with an experiential focus in module one, opening up the ground, then modules two and three are more skills focused, and then the fourth module brings it all back to our moment by moment life experience.

Meditation Afternoon in December
8 December, 2.15 - 6.00 pm
Manor Place, All Welcome

A chance to get together with fellow practitioners for an afternoon of short meditation sessions. Ideal for those who would like to sit more than they currently do.

Introduction to Meditation
6 and 13 December, 7.00 - 8.30 pm
Manor Place, Gelong Trinley (Suggested Contribution: £15.00)
A regular meditation practice can bring increased inner peace, poise and perspective. This two-week course will cover ‘calm abiding’ meditation and mindfulness, and is a perfect introduction for beginners.

The Four Ordinary Foundations - Part 3 - Karma: Cause and Effect
15 December, 2.15 - 5.30 pm
Manor Place, Gelong Trinley (Suggested Contribution: £20.00)

This is the third of four afternoons, started in October and finishing in January, covering The Four Ordinary Foundations. Participants should try to come to all four afternoons. This third afternoon concentrates on the mechanisms of cause and effect through which karma binds us in samsara.

Winter Closure - Spa Road and Manor Place
Every Day
Between 15 December 2012 & 8 January 2013

The centre will be closed for the annual Winter Closure after Shinay on Friday the 14th of December. We will re-open on the 9th of January.

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