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Invitation Letter from Khenpo Damcho Dawa Rinpoch

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Invitation Letter from Khenpo Damcho Dawa Rinpoch

Invitation Letter from Khenpo Damcho Dawa Rinpoche

 (as received through SKYPE)

On top of the world celestial sphere,

Surrounded with snowy Himalayan mountains,

At the hermitage of upper kham Nangchen village,

Khenpo Dhamchoe Dawa Rinpoche.


The Doctrine of Buddhist College Assembly Hall, consecration of three shrines are successfully completed.

The virtuous beginning of auspicious consecration ceremony will be held on the festival of " Turning the Wheel of Dharma" Seventeenth year of Rabjung Horse Wood Year.

Requesting all the religious saintly sentient beings to arrive on schedule.


1. Location of Dagon Doctrine of Buddhist College - Qinghai province , Yushu Region, Nangchen District, Sharda Village, Dagon Hermitage.


2. Consecration time - fourth of sixth month " Wheel of Dharma festival"  31st July 2014



We will arrange accommodation and reception with all our efficiency. Please assemble on schedule. We welcome you all.

On Rabjung Horse Wood Year Seventh of the Fourth month, from Doctrine of Buddhist College in Nangchen Dagon Hermitage.   5th May 2014


Khempo Dawa Damchö Rinpoche sends his greetings and says he is very well. He extends his warm invitation to all of you to come and take part in the inauguration ceremony of his monastery, now completed. He would be so delighted if some of his Western friends could be present and share this very special moment with him! There will be lama dances and great festivities.

Khempo Rinpoche's invitation is for the 5 days running up to the inauguration on July 31st. He will arrange for visitors to be met at Beijing and escorted all the way to his place. Accommodation and everything there can be fixed up through him and his monks once it is known how many people intend to come. All who come will be treated as real VIP ! The monastery is set next to holy places connected to Guru Rinpoche.

Contact : who will pass on your name to Khempo Rinpoche and put you in touch with the relevant people for travel information.