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Gerry McCulloch

We have been very fortunate to have a talented photographer document Kagyu Samye Dzong over the last two years - Gerry McCulloch. He is a Cinematographer, Photographer and Lecturer based in London UK. Gerry devised and convenes the MA in Filmmaking at Goldsmiths, University of London and operates Darshana Photo Art.

A bit more about Gerry, from his website:

Gerry's major area of interest is the application of Eastern philosophical ideas to still and moving photographic image production. He explores this interest through Darshana Photo Art, most notably in a project about Kagyu Samye Dzong, the London Tibetan Buddhist Centre for World Peace.

As a Cinematographer, Gerry has many broadcast and exhibition credits in film drama, documentary, television advertising commercials and promotional music videos. He was a founder and director of Untold Productions and has undertaken photo and cine work in Tibet, Nepal, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Namibia, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, the USA; as well as many parts of Europe. He also has experience as a Film Editor at BBC Bristol.

Overseas travel on Cine and Photographic projects, especially in Asia, resulted in Gerry's fascination with exploring the overlaps between Eastern Philosophy, Creativity and Learning - especially in relation to Buddhism in Tibet and Jainism in India. This interest has resulted in a long-term photographic project about the construction of the London Tibetan Buddhist Centre for World Peace - Kagyu Samye Dzong.

In Bermondsey, South London, a large Buddhist Temple is being constructed from a disused building that previously housed a Victorian Library. Skilled local and international volunteers, under guidance from Tibetan Lamas are undertaking all of the renovation work. The Darshana photographic project aims to apply Tibetan Buddhist teachings on wisdom, compassion, impermanence and emptiness to the production of still and moving images in parallel to - and influenced by - the construction of the temple itself.

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