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Jiulong Baguazhang

Rey BowenJiulong Baguazhang 

Enhance your Concentration, Decrease Stress, Increase Health and Learn to Defend Yourself

every Wednesday - 7pm - 9pm

with Rey Bowen

Jiulong Baguazhang (Ba-gwa) is a powerful and effective martial art and a system of exercises designed to enhamce the body's natural ability towrards both relaxation and power.

Nine Dragon Baguazhang is a fusion of yogic meditation and stretching exercises, Tai Ji-like gentle movements building up to controlled aerobic stepping patterns, which will relax and gently stimulate your mind, muscles and cardiovascular system. It is not a tournament fighting art, so there are no competitions to win or belts to earn. The benefit you may obtain from this system is a sense of well being, relaxation and vigour, along with complete whole body strength and improved health. There are no long complicated forms to be performed; only mental and biomechanical principles to practise. This will eventually enable you to create exercise patterns for yourself.

The art of Bagua consists of learning how to utilise specific body postures, to stimulate internal energy for health. These energies may stimulate or tone sinews, muscles, internal organs, moods, circulation of blood and Qi.

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