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Dr. Soktsang's will hold clinics at the Centre on the following weekends in 2019 and 2020:

 To book an appointment with Dr. Soktsang, please phone the office at Spa Road (020 3327 1650)

 2019 Saturday Sunday
January 19th 20th
February 16th 17th
March 16th 17th
April 20th 21st
May 18th 19th
June 15th 16th
July 20th 21st
August 24th 25th
September 21st 22nd
October 19th 20th
November 16th 17th
December 14th 15th









 2020 Saturday Sunday
January 18th 19th
February 22nd 23rd
March 21st 22nd
April 25th 26th
May 23rd 24th
June 20th 21st
July 18th 19th
August 22nd 23rd
September 19th 20th
October 24th 25th
November 21st 22nd
December 19th 20th









Dr Soktsang travels to Kagyu Samye Dzong London each month from his main practice in Scotland. We request that people give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation. Otherwise you will be asked to pay the full consultation cost.