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The Seven Branch Prayer, with Lama Zangmo


8 Sep 2018
10:00am to 4:00pm

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Teacher: Lama Gelongma Zangmo
Anyone is welcome to attend this event!


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Lama Zangmo will explain the Seven Branch prayer which is currently recited in all the Samye Dzongs. It was recommended as a practice by HH 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje for Kagyu Samye Ling and all its branches to recite four million Seven Branch prayers. In Samye Dzong London we recite it especially as part of the Tara Practice Days. This day is therefore an opportunity to get more familiar with the prayer.

H.H.Karmapa stated: “The key points of the Seven Branch Payer is to gather the accumulations and purify the obscurations. There is no practice that is not included within these two. Gathering the accumulations means gathering all the favourable conditions for developing the path within our beings. Purifying misdeeds and obscurations means clearing away the conditions that counteract developing the path within.”

The seven parts of the Seven Branch Prayer are: prostrations (1) making offerings (2) confessing past wrongs (3) rejoicing in virtue 4) requesting the buddhas to teach the Dharma (5) supplicating the buddhas not to abandon the world (6) and dedicating the roots of virtue(7). 

The Karmapa stated that these seven branches of the prayer embody all the practices of accumulation and purification and are remedies for the mind poisons and negative emotions, such as pride, jealousy, attachment and aversion. All the major points of practice are present there and are easy to engage in.

Lama Zangmo will explain it in more detail and the course is suitable for all, both beginners and those with some experience.


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From January 2015 all our Dharma and meditation courses have been offered without a suggested course fee. 

In the Buddhist tradition one practices generosity, or Dana, by making monetary offerings for the teachings. This generosity is not payment for goods or services rendered; it is an offering given freely from the heart in appreciation of the Dharma. 

Please read Lama Zangmo's letter for further information.