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CANCELLED - Tapping and meditation - with Alistair Appleton


30 May 2020 to 31 May 2020
10:00am to 5:00pm

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Teacher: Alistair Appleton
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One of the revolutionary facets of modern psychotherapy is the advent of “tapping” or – more formally – energy psychology (EP). Energy psychology is the name given to therapeutic tapping techniques like EFT, AIT and EMDR. For example, EMDR is a NICE approved treatment for trauma. Alistair Appleton has found that combining tapping with meditation is particularly powerful.

Tibetan practitioners have long understood about the lung or ‘wind horse’. These are the energetic patterns within our bodies that underpin our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Energy psychologists work directly with this energy body as a way of removing some of the energetic patterns that might be holding us back. But they combine them with a modern understanding of trauma. In this way, tapping becomes a powerful tool in undoing the knots of the past that bedevil the present.

Most of these forms of EP are currently mostly used in a therapeutic setting. But long-time meditator and psychotherapist, Alistair Appleton has seen how powerfully they can impact our sitting practice.

Tibetan Buddhism believes that we are already enlightened. The ‘buddha nature’ is pristine in all of us. However, we don’t believe we have it. Or heavy events from our past have encased it in protective defences. Or habits of mind consistently distract us away from it. However, there are many practices in tantric Buddhism that aim to cleanse these impediments from our own inherent brightness. In many ways, tapping offers a similar process of seeing, acknowledging and releasing delusions about our True Self.

What this workshop on Meditation and Energy Psychology will cover:

  • the background and history of energy psychology
  • how EP can be integrated into our meditation practice
  • understanding practice in a right-brain experience of the body
  • the somatic foundation of tapping work
  • the basic sequence of the tapping protocol
  • opportunities and examples of use
  • considering EP on the Buddhist path

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