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Mindtraining and Meditation with Drupon Khen Rinpoche Karma Lhabu


Teacher: Drupon Rinpoche


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We are extremely delighted and honoured to announce that Drupon Khen Rinpoche, Karma Lhabu, will be visiting us once again to give teachings on 3rd October.

Drupon Rinpoche will give teachings on Mindtraining and meditation, and will give instructions and guidance that is suitable for all, beginners and more advanced practitioners alike. Anyone is welcome to attend this evening, whether Buddhist or not.

Drupon Rinpoche will teach in Tibetan and his translator Kunga will translate into English. 

As we expect this to be a busy event, please let us know if you are coming, and please arrive in good time to be seated by 7pm.

About Drupon Khen Rinpoche Karma Lhabu

Drupon Rinpoche resized1Drupon Rinpoche spent many years of intense study at Serta Larung Ga and other seats of Dharma, where he came to possess a brilliant command of the teachings and pith instructions. 

Most of the year Rinpoche now resides at Thrangu Sekhar Retreat Centre in Nepal, where he guides and gives daily teachings to two groups of retreatants:  a traditional three-year retreat for the lamas of Thrangu Monastery, and a six-year programme of study, contemplation and meditation for students of all nationalities. He gives tremendous importance to the foundational contemplations and particularly lojong or mind training. These are among the most effective means for disrupting the ego’s tenacious tentacles and for planting the seeds of the good and wholesome. He is also responsible for guiding the practitioners engaged in long-term practice in the Kagyu Samye Ling retreat centres.

As a guiding teacher Rinpoche has the unique ability to communicate teachings often seen as abstruse and remote in a very direct and personal way. He impacts the student not only with lucid explanation but also, in an uncanny way, reveals their thought processes and neurotic blind spots. His words are personal to our own thinking and act like a close mirror to our habitual psychological patterns and the mind poisons

The way he lives naturally displays the qualities of one whose mind is suffused with Dharma, and is as far from the worldly mentality as the sun is from the earth. He has an easy way with life and death and an innocent generosity. In the person of Rinpoche one finds the embodiment of the bhikshu’s discipline and rigour, the vast compassionate mind of the bodhisattva and the incandescent free spirit of the vajrayana siddha.