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Maitri and Internal Family Systems - with Alistair Appleton


11 Jan 2020 to 12 Jan 2020
10:00am to 5:00pm

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Teacher: Alistair Appleton
Anyone is welcome to attend this event!


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 Maitri meditation offers a really powerful and useful practice for understanding what makes us tick. It also gives us the means to love ourselves wisely. 

This weekend is drawing on Alistair Appleton’s work as a therapist and his experience as a meditator in the Buddhist tradition.
The Tibetan teacher, Chögyam Trungpa calls appreciation of others “compassion”. Appreciation of our selves is called “maitri”. The one without the other is, he says, a ‘dead-end’.

Some of us rush towards helping, caring and looking after others in the name of compassion. But without a deep appreciation of the structure of our own being then our love tends to be tangled and distorted. The practice of ‘maitri’ is the practice of bringing warmth, wisdom and curiosity to the structure of existence we call “self”.

In his work as a therapist, Alistair has seen how effective and illuminating the Internal Family Systems model is. It was developed by the American psychotherapist Richard Schwartz, IFS gives a way of staying embodied in a field of open-hearted awareness (“Self” with a capital S). From this you grow aware of the multiple structures of our “little self” (with a small s). This weekend will be exploring how we can use the IFS model in our practice to truly bring our self into the field of maitri.

In this weekend we’ll be exploring:

• the fundamental exercises of somatic meditation that dissolve unnecessary bodily tension
• opening into a sense of the ‘Big Self’ through the somatic portal of the heart
• relaxing back into a field of warmth and tenderness
• becoming aware of the ‘parts’ the play out in our existence
• understanding the IFS categories of firefighters, managers and exiles
• learning to work with our parts from a place of open-hearted curiosity, compassion and ease
• laying the basis for internal openness and peace
• opening the heart forward to connect with other people real existence and pain

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