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Loving from the Open Field - Somatic Compassion - with Alistair Appleton


14 Nov 2020 to 15 Nov 2020
10:00am to 5:00pm

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Teacher: Alistair Appleton
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Many of us, especially Buddhist practitioners, feel that we need to work at being compassionate. Subtly or not a sense of effort and tension creeps into our loving. Shoulds and shouldn’t start popping up.

Exploring the Buddhist path of compassion or ‘awakening heart’, Alistair Appleton reconnected to the effortless quality of truly embodied or ‘somatic’ loving. He draws on the teaching of Chögyam Trungpa who makes a distinction between ‘maitri’ (appreciation of self) and ‘karuna /compassion’ (appreciation of others).

In other courses, Alistair has explored how resting in the open space of awareness allows us to have a different relationship with the parts that make up our self. This is maitri practice.

Once we have some tender relationship with these, often warring, parts and can breathe the gentleness of Big Self or ultimate bodhicitta on them, then the space clears for us to connect truely with the vast panoply of the world around us – people, animals, the natural world, the Universe.

It’s like we’ve been hypnotised into thinking that the endless spiralling of our inner world is the world, but the World with a capital W is a sacred one that is dazzling and ego-shattering when we really touch into it. The move from maitri to karuna is one that brings great joy but also a huge spur to wise action. We recognise how our own patterns have held us back from this luminosity and great space, then we can’t help but want that others feel it too. Their constriction becomes part of our expanded awareness and we are unable to judge in anyway whatsoever.

In the embodied space of the expanded heart, the illusion of a separate ‘other’ falls away and we rest in a state of Mahakaruna or Great Compassion.

What this workshop on Somatic Compassion will cover:

  • revisiting the somatic understanding of relaxation and awareness
  • connecting with the open-field of awareness accessed through the heart-centre
  • requesting our ‘parts’ to step out of the way as we connect outwards
  • ‘beholding’ practice
  • being with another human being without fear or tension
  • being with the natural world

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