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Fundraising Evening with Choje Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche


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Lama Yeshe Courtyard

Join us this coming Friday from 6.30pm for fun and fundraising in the presence of our esteemed abbot, Choje Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche. Not only is it a rare opportunity to enjoy his joyful presence in an informal setting, there will be delicious hot food and cakes, a raffle, face-painting and – our star event – a goods and skills auction. With over sixty lots – ranging from beautiful deity thangkas and framed one-off photos of His Holiness Karmapa’s first London visit, to kayaking on the Oxford canals and an hour’s tattooing session – you’re sure to come away with something exciting and enriching.

Please see below for a list of the Goods and Skills to be auctioned.

This year, since we’re raising money for two very important causes: The Circle of Nourishment and The Akong Memorial Foundation, it is especially important that we raise as much money as possible to support both charities’ invaluable work. The Circle of Nourishment provides much needed support for mothers and their new-borns who, in the tough environs of South Africa’s shanty towns, have practically nothing to sustain themselves after an often traumatic labour and delivery. The Akong Memorial Foundation works hard to support the monks, nuns and lay community that depend on Dolma Lhakhang Monastery and its surroundings, situated in an extremely high and remote area of the Tibetan Plateau. It is the seat of our late founder Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche and Samye Ling’s sister monastery in Tibet.  The Foundation’s work also includes making provision for the recognition, education and upkeep of the Third Akong Tulku.

All proceeds from Friday’s event will be split between both charities; so bring lots of change, practice  generosity and be sure to tell your family and friends – all are welcome!

Goods Auction

Pictures (all are framed)
Lot no. Item Description
G01 Big refuge tree print extra large, gold frame
G02 Wheel of Life print large, colourful
G03 Kalachakra syllable metalwork small, copper and steel metals
G04 Young Karmapa photo small, square
G05 16th Karmapa photo medium, square
G06 Raindbow body Buddha print large
G07 White Tara print medium, framed
G08 Tibetan lady print large
G09 B/W Wheel of Life print medium, rice paper
G10 Wheel of Life print large, deep colour
G11 Young Karmapa painting, print small
G12 Young Akong Rinpoche, print medium
G13 16th Karmapa & Dalai Lama print medium
G14 21 Taras print large
G15 Chenrezig postcard very small
G16 Green Tara postcard very small
G17 Guru Rinpoche print medium
G18 Dorje Chang -like deity print medium
G19 Crosstitch Dream Flag small, worth £30
G20 Milarepa thangka print small
G21 Karmapa 'Go Ma' Cham dance print medium
G22 Dalai Lama photo very small
G23 Dalai Lama & Young Karmapa small
G24 Yatra original large, worth over £395
G25 HH Karmapa & Blissful Lama Rinpoche one-off print from HH's historic London visit
G26 HH Karmapa in front of KSD Buddha one-off print from HH's historic London visit
G27 HH Karmapa on River Thames one-off print from HH's historic London visit
G28 HH Karmapa and light rays one-off print from HH's historic London visit
G29 HH Karmapa gazing one-off print from HH's historic London visit
G30 HH Karmapa throwing rice one-off print from HH's historic London visit
G31 HH Karmapa & Lama Rinpoche with incense one-off print from HH's historic London visit
G32 HH Karmapa at KSD with mandala one-off print from HH's historic London visit
G33 HH Karmapa smiling on throne one-off print from HH's historic London visit
G34 Lama Rinpoche one-off print from HH's historic London visit
G35 HH Karmapa blessing Lama Rinpoche and Lama Zangmo one-off print from HH's historic London visit
Lot no. Item Description
G36 Shakyamuni Twelve Deeds Painted, M/S
G37 Guru Rinpoche Painted, M
G38 Guru Rinpoche Embroidered silk, XL
G39 Chenrezig & Mani mantra Painted, M/L
G40 Amitabha print (glued), M
G41 17th Karmapa Print, M/S
G42 Samantabhradra Painted, L
Lot no. Item Description
G43 Signed 'Interconnected' book signed at UK launch at Watkins bookstore
  * please note lots may not be auctioned in this order - a running order will be available on the day

Skills Auction

*The skills need to be claimed within 6 months after the auction*


Lot no. Skill or Activity Offered by Duration
S01 Art workshop - Painting or Illustration workshop for up to 4 people Adriana Predoi 2 hours
S02 Spanish language practice sessions Alma Flores 5 x 1 hour
S03 A group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy class, 1-to-1 or for 4 - 40 people, preferably in London Ana O'Connell 2 hours
S04 A Gujerati vegetarian meal for up to 4 people to be collected from Chandrika's home.  A rare treat to enjoy a delicious homestyle simple feast of chapati, steamed jeera rice, dal, salad, subzi, paneer, and a sweet finish. To be collected from Southwark Park Road near KSDL Chandrika Samani n/a
S05 A picture framer offers a session teaching you to frame your own picture (up to approx 50cm x 50cm) Dani Glover n/a
S06 David for a day!  He can drive you/ garden for you/ clean/ exercise session/ take you shopping - and good company too! David Longden A day
S07 A day's Kayaking on the Oxford Canals, all equipment included.  Includes transport from KSD.  No previous experience necessary.  Route can be chosen from Peter Knowles' Pub Paddles book by the successful bidder.   David Longden 1 day
S08 Shaolin martial arts - 1.5 hour session with martial arts master Shifu Shi Heng Sheng of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, self defence or Sanda kickboxing Shifu Shi Heng Sheng 1.5 hours
S09 1 hour yoga session in Spa Gardens opposite KSDL (or at home in Elephant and Castle, dependent on weather) Gina-Lisa Rauer 1 hour
S10 Chi exercise sessions - Tai Chi or Chi Gung James Richardson 3 x 1 hour
S11 Child Tutor/Coach session - 'Remembering the Joy of Learning'  If your child needs a breath of fresh air into any area they are experiencing frustration in the learning process at school, or linked to home and relational aspects. Jennifer Wilson 2 hours
S12 Mindful pilates sessions.  Private 1-2-1 classes of an hour to be taught in their own home. Jessica Moolenaar 3 x 1 hour
S13 3 yoga classes, ideal for beginners or someone who wants to focus on something specific e.g. deepening understanding of poses or injury.  1 to 1 or group of up to 8 people Jo White 3 x 1 hour
S14 1 hour of Reflexology for 1 person Joelle Peeters  1 hour
S15  1 hour of Shiatsu  Joelle Peeters 1 hour
S16 Recording studio session. Are you a singer/rapper wanting to get a demo done?  Or a budding music producer wanting some input with your music?  Vocals, track production, mixing, mastering.  Jon Kong 6-8 hours
S17 Good fun session on mindful gesture and action, based on the skills of physical theatre, no experience necessary!  Minimum 5 participants, max 10. Linda Kerr Scott 1.5 hours
S18 Will cook a one course vegetarian main meal in your home for up to 5 people Lisa Andronova n/a
S19 Baby massage session in your home with your baby, under 6 months old.  Melody Weig TBC
S20 1 hour of legal advice from a commercial solicitor - drafting/reviewing contracts, legal research, etc (Associate of Magic Circle law firm) Michael Vanaselja 1 hour
S21 1 hour of Tattooing of respectful imagery (normally £200 an hour) Miles Monaghan 1 hour
S22 Samosa making workshop, all ingredients included, up to 4 people Mundeep Baryana Evening
S23 Keelboat Sailing Lesson on River Thames - an afternoon spend learning how to sail from Greenwich Yacht Club on the River Thames with a first class, charming and charismatic fully qualified RYA Instructor. Nigel Brian 1 afternoon
S24 Garden consultation and advice session regarding garden planting or refurbishment.  RHS trained garden designer.  SE London/Kent only Sarah Howie 2 hours
S25 Bespoke children's party entertainer offers 1.5 hour drama adventure or dance/musical themed party for age 4 to 16, can be designed around child Sheila Grant 1.5 hours
S26 Nature walk day at the London Wetland Centre in Barnes, inclusive of tea and lunch Therese S Gunasingam 1 day
S27 A "Frantic World" Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction over Skype, for 1 or 2 together Viv Moore 8 x 1 hour
S28 Guitar lessons for beginner-intermediateI specialise in electric guitar (blues, rock and jazz), but can also offer tips on how to generally develop better technique, timing and improvisation skills on acoustic and classical guitar.The student must have a guitar and the lessons will take place at my flat in Elephant & Castle area. William Gilliver 3 x 45 mins
S29 1 on 1 Lucid Dreaming Session for 1 hour either in person at KSDL or over Skype Charlie Morley  (Lot 1) 1 hour
S30 1 on 1 Lucid Dreaming Session for 1 hour either in person at KSDL or over Skype Charlie Morley (Lot 2) 1 hour
S31 A professional Software Engineer offers an  Introduction to Software and Web Development course (HTML-CSS-JS- LAMP stack).  Daeus Tang 4 x 1 hour
S32 Learn Chinese character writing with Daeus Daeus Tang 1 hour
S33 The opportunity to spend an afternoon with Samye Dzong London's master baker learning to bake your own bread. David Bates 3-4 hours
S34 1.5 hour Astrology session. The session lasts 90 minutes and it can take place on Skype or at Kagyu Samye Dzong.
During the session we look at the birth chart of the person, discuss life path/purpose as seen through astrology, strengths, talents and challenges .
Geanina Gregorie 1 x 1.5 hours