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Embracing Death and Dying


28 Oct 2017
10:00am to 5:00pm

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Embracing Death and Dying day - a celebration of life through reflection on death

Join us for our fourth annual Death & Dying Day: A Celebration of Life Through Reflection on Death'. Our previous events were a huge success and we would like to welcome you all again this year.

The event is an opportunity to explore and reflect on death and dying through a number of talks and workshops hosted by a variety of speakers.

This day is free to attend and there is no need to book in advance.

Schedule for the day

To read more about the speakers please see below



Main Shrine Room

Rigpe Dorje Shrine Room

Reading Room

Workshop Room






What happens

as we die?

Dr Angela Halley


Coffin Exhibition

All Day







The Buddhist Approach

to Death & Dying

Lama Zangmo




Death Café

10:50 - 11:50




Meditation Session


11:35 -11:55




 12:40 Leaving your will and other information online

Dan Garrett


Dying with Grace – Hospice Care from the Perspective of a Buddhist Doctor

Dr Gaya Beaumont




Lunch Break



Covent Garden Poetry Collective







The challenges of working in a hospice and how it supports my spiritual practice

Simon Robey



Death the Unavoidable Art Therapy

Philippe Jacquet






Dreaming & Dying - dissolution in sleep and death in the Buddhist tradition

Charlie Morley

Introduction to Meditation

Gelong Trinley







Meditation Session


15:20 – 15:40


Death Café

15:20 – 16:20






The modern funeral director; a holistic approach

Kate Brewer

Meditation Session


16:00 - 16:20







Prayers to Remember Loved Ones

KSDL Sangha



About the Speakers:

Lama Zangmo - Director of Kagyu Samye Dzong London

The Buddhist Approach to Death and Dying

Lama Zangmo has been a practising Buddhist since her arrival at Samye Ling monastery almost forty years ago. She has spent a total of eleven years in closed retreat. She has been the Director of Kagyu Samye Dzong London since its foundation in 1998. She was honoured with the title of Lama in 2001.

Dr Angela Halley - Palliative Care doctor 

What happens as we die

Angela has worked in a number of hospitals and hospices as a specialty training registrar. She is currently studying to become a Palliative Medicine Consultant at the Chelsea & Westminster and completing a Masters degree in palliative care.

Dr Gaya Beaumont - Meadow House Hospice

Dying with Grace - Hospice care from the perspective of a Buddhist doctor

Dr Gaya Beaumont is currently training to be a Consultant in Palliative Care at Meadow House Hospice, London. She is interested in sharing the life lessons she has learnt in working in a hospice and caring for the dying eg. the benefits of mindfulness, self-care and balance and how practising these can lead to better care and decisions for the patients. 

Dan Garrett -

Leaving your will and other information online

 Life’s two great certainties are death and taxes. UK startup Farewill is hoping to combine the two with its launch of an online subscription will-writing service.

 Simon Robey - St. Joseph's Hospice

The challenges of working in a hospice and how it supports my spiritual practice

Simon Robey is a practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and manages the complementary therapy and Namaste Care teams at St Joseph’s Hospice Hackney.  He is particularly interested in mindfulness and reflective practice which support his work in palliative and end of life care. 

Charlie Morley - Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep

Dreaming and Dying - Dissolution in sleep and death in the Buddhist Tradition

Charlie Morley is a bestselling Hay House author and teacher of lucid dreaming & shadow work. He was “authorised to teach” within the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche in 2008 and has since developed a holistic approach to dream work called Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep and written three books which have been translated into 11 languages.

Kate Brewer - Poppy's Funerals

The Modern Funeral Director; a Holistic Approach

Kate came from a creative background, studying Fine Art at university and subsequently working as a florist. She has been working for Poppy's Funerals for a little over 3 years and is proud to manage a wonderful team of caring and supportive individuals whose primary objective is to support families and friends during a difficult time.

Philippe Jacquet - Psychoptherapist

Death, the unavoidable - Experential Art Therapy

Philippe Jacquet is a fully accredited psychotherapist, counsellor and life coach currently with two private practices in London. He has over 15 years of experience in the mental health field and over 40,000 hours of one-on-one therapeutic work with clients.

 Mr. Jacquet adheres to the highest professional standards and is voluntarily accredited by the highest accreditation bodies in the United Kingdom. These include BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists), HCPC (Health Care Professionals Council) and the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy).

If you are willing to help us advertise the day then feel free to download a copy of the poster along with the schedule and distribute in your local community. 

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