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Compassion and Bodhicitta with Master Hai Tao


22 Jul 2017
10:00am to 3:30pm

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We are delighted to welcome Master Hai Tao on a return visit to Samye Dzong London. He will be teaching on Compassion and Bodhicitta on Saturday 22nd July.


"Vowing to save the sentient beings from suffering rather than seeking personal happiness" is the code of conduct for the Venerable Master Hai Tao. The Venerable Master Hai Tao is the founder of Compassion for Life Organization. He first became a monk in 1993 after visiting Huei-Rhi Lecture Hall in Taipei; an experience in which he was touched by the Buddha statue's low brows and gracious eyes"; as well as the relaxing manner of the monks.


After becoming a monk, Venerable Hai Tao actively preached Buddha's teachings. He not only established Taiwan Life TV airing shows 24 hours a day; but also created many diverse social organizations in order to help the worldly bodhisattvas(people) gradually achieving Bodhisattva-hood.