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New development - objections must be in by 11th November

Posted on 2 Nov 2019

New development - objections must be in by 11th November

The proposed scheme (show above) for a student housing development at 11-13 Spa Road initially entered to Southwark Council for planning permission in 2017 has now been re-submitted with some minor changes. As far as Samye Dzong London is concerned the main problems remain the same.

We have all worked so hard to renovate, establish and run our beautiful Buddhist Centre, let's make sure this is not jeopardised by an ill-advised, inappropriate development next door. Consultation on the plans has now started. We had a meeting with the case officer dealing with the application and he has not yet decided whether he will recommend the scheme for approval. So your comments on the scheme could influence his decision.

What you can do

Go to and put reference number   17/AP/3281 in the search. This will take you to the planning application.

You can object and leave a comment phrased around the following key material considerations:

  • loss of light
  • height, massing and density of the proposed building
  • increased sense of enclosure
  • loss of privacy
  • negative impact on a heritage listed building

This will have a detrimental effect on the use of our shrine room and also on some of the residents' rooms.

The deadline for this is November 11 (although we are hoping to get an extension to this date).

But more importantly: 

We will need your support at the Southwark Council Committee meeting where a decision will be made on the application. We will only have one week notice for the date, which will likely be a Tuesday or Wednesday in December at 18:30. If as many of you as possible could be present for that, it could make all the difference. Please be ready to leave work early for that one important appointment even though it has to be at short notice.

Thank you for your time and any help you can give us.