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Yeshe Nyingpo

028 7th Shamar dpal ldan ye shes snying poYeshe Nyingpo


Yeshe Nyingpo (1631-1694) was born in Golok region of east Tibet and the Tenth Karmapa recognized him as the Seventh Shamar incarnation. He was extremely devoted to and followed the instructions of the Tenth Karmapa Chöying Dorje. He received the full transmission of the Kagyu lineage and had many signs of accomplishment in both Mahamudra and Dzogchen meditation. Yeshe Nyingpo passed into parinirvana at the age of sixty-four, the Wood Dog year.

Yeshe Nyingpo recognize and became the principal teacher of the Eleventh Karmapa, Yeshe Dorje.

These details about Yeshe Nyingpo are compiled from Karma Gyaltsen’s book called kam tshang yab sras dang dpal spungs dgon pa, Szechwan edition, p. 136. May this be virtuous!