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Konchok Yenlak

024 5th Shamar rgyal wa dkon mchog yan lagKonchok Yenlak


Könchok Yenlak (1526-1583) was born in upper part of Kongpo called Kyen, in the Wood Rooster year. The Eighth Karmapa, Mikyö Dorje, recognized him as the fifth Shamar incarnation. He studied with the Eighth Karmapa as well as with his student, Pawo Tsuklak Trengwa, and became a great scholar and meditation master. He received the full transmission of the Kagyu lineage and the Karmapa empowered him as the lineage holder. Könchok Yenlak’s collected writings number many volumes. Shamar Könchok Yenlak recognized the Ninth Karmapa and became his principal teacher. At the age of fifty nine, he passed into parinirvana with many great signs of realization.

He passed on the full lineage transmission to the Ninth Karmapa, Wangchuk Dorje.
These details about Könchok Yenlak are compiled from Karma Gyaltsen’s book called kam tshang yab sras dang dpal spungs dgon pa, Szechwan edition, p. 134. May this be virtuous!